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Deposit Easy Payments


The Luxury Package is: $3445 excl. beach permit and wedding date is 6 months away let's say then your Deposit woud be a min. of $500 and your Balance is: $2945 you can pay off your balance over the next 4.5 months ( 45 days prior to your ceremony ) at $655 per month more or less instead of making a $1500 deposit upfront at time of booking and a payoff of $2945 plus beach permit on the 45th day prior to your wedding.

How does that sound to you? If that helps making that decision then great, we are here to help and earn your reservation and make it all easy and stress free for both of us. Approximately 50% of all booking choose this way to have their dream wedding on Maui.

~ We are here to make your special day an incredible one ~

Secure your booking or pay part of a balance. You can select any amount from $500 to $12000 in $500+ increments. Upon receipt, your reservation is confirmed. Pay Part Of a Balance Here.

If your wedding is within 45 days or ( next year ) please make your payment here.

* For availability or advice, please text us at Text Us

* Pricing and packages subject to change, for a full list of terms and conditions, click here.

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