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2020's Best Maui Wedding Packages for Every Bride Budget

Wednesday, 8 April 2020
maui weddings

Last year, over 23,000 couples got married in Hawaii, with Maui leading the way for those seeking a diverse luxury location for their special day. Maui is a top choice if you're looking for a wedding that's both affordable and family-friendly.

Don't let the prospect of a destination wedding put you off either. Thanks to the variety of Maui wedding packages available, making the arrangements is easier than ever before.

Here's how to set up the wedding of your dreams on the island that has it all.

Why Choose Maui Wedding Packages

With 120 miles of coastline to choose from, picking a spot for your nuptials is a daunting prospect. Maui wedding planners help you to narrow the field. They've already earmarked the best places for a beach wedding, saving you from hassle and indecision.

Wedding packages in Maui are the best way to stick within your budget too, offering a set price that includes everything you need. You can also choose a Maui wedding package that suits your exact requirements. Whether you want a plush reception, photographs, and music, or a simple ceremony for your elopement.

Established wedding organizers also have close ties with suppliers and professionals, meaning you'll often get a better deal than if you'd booked all these elements yourself.

The number one thing in favor of all-inclusive Maui weddings is that you'll save a huge amount of time and spare yourself from most of the stress involved in planning your wedding on your own.

How to Plan the Ideal Maui Wedding for You

When you choose a wedding package, you cut out several steps in the wedding planning process. All that's left for you to do is the following:

Set up a Budget

Your finances have a huge impact on planning your wedding. They'll affect your guest lists, menu, honeymoon, and even your wedding dress.

Do some research around the possible costs involved in planning your destination wedding, set a budget and stick to it.

If you're keen on saving costs, out of season is the best time to visit Maui for your wedding. Hawaii boasts pleasant weather year-round, so it's perfectly feasible to get married in the winter.

Choose a Local Wedding Provider

Nobody knows more about planning the ultimate Maui wedding than a local wedding company. They'll advise you on the best time of year to get married, how to save costs and any extras that you aren't aware of.

They can also help you with all the necessary paperwork involved in Hawaiin weddings.

Choose a Wedding Package

Once you've chosen your preferred supplier, browse through their available packages to find one that suits your needs and budget. Stick to the elements that suit you and your fiance, don't let the whims of your in-laws sway your resolve. It's your day after-all

Book Your Flights & Invite Your Guests Early

It's best to do all your bookings and send out your invitations at least a year in advance. This means you're likely to get better prices on your airline tickets and also give your guests enough notice to budget for the extra expense.

Book Your Perfect Wedding Now

There's no better way to start your married life than with a memorable day and a luxurious Maui honeymoon, and a package deal is a good choice if you want a wedding day without hassles and stress.

Get started by setting your date and booking one of our versatile Maui wedding packages.

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