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Just the Two of Us: Why Couples Love Maui Wedding Elopement Packages

Wednesday, 8 April 2020
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Just the Two of Us: Why Couples Love Maui Wedding Elopement Packages

There's an emotional rollercoaster that just about every couple goes through when they get engaged. It starts with unbounded excitement about the idea of spending their lives together. Then the stress sets in.

The stress of wedding planning is enough to wipe the smile off anyone's face. For more and more couples, especially millennials, Maui wedding elopement packages are the solution for several reasons.

1. An Undeniably Romantic Setting

A wedding is supposed to be about love and romance. That isn't always easy to find in an aging event hall.

With a Maui wedding, the location takes care of the mood on its own. With the beach, the ocean, and the sunset, you'll be feeling the love from the moment you step foot into the sand.

Not only does this enhance the wedding itself, but it makes it less work-intensive. You don't need to spend thousands of dollars and countless hours on decorations to try to create a romantic setting.

2. Affordability

Everyone who has planned a wedding knows the true meaning of sticker shock. It seems as if vendors mark up every item because they assume couples will pay anything they ask for such an important day.

For those who want to save their money for their lives together, there's a different option. Even with travel costs, a Maui elopement is far more affordable than a traditional wedding.

3. A Wedding All Your Own

A wedding is supposed to be about the couple. In a big traditional wedding with 100+ guests, though, that focus fades in a hurry. You find yourself striving to make everyone else happy while forgetting about your own needs.

Eloping in Maui, on the other hand, keeps the focus on you because there are few if any guests. When you're celebrating with only your beloved, you can stop struggling to meet everyone's expectations and simply enjoy the event.

4. Wedding and Honeymoon in One

In a traditional wedding, you start with the wonderful joy of the wedding and the reception. Before you can jump into your honeymoon, though, you have the stress of traveling to get to that honeymoon.

Or, you could cut out that problem by having your wedding and honeymoon in the same place. When you elope in Maui, you can smoothly slip from the wedding to the honeymoon without the extra stress in between.

No matter what activities you enjoy as a couple, there are plenty of things to do in Maui whether you like hiking, watersports, or lounging on a beach.

How to Find the Right Maui Wedding Elopement Packages

If you're ready to cut out the unnecessary planning and expenses and just enjoy a beautiful wedding, now is the time to check out your options for Maui wedding elopement packages. There are countless options depending on how many guests you expect, what features you want, and more.

To find your perfect fit, check out our Maui wedding packages today. 

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