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Getting Married on Maui

All Your Questions Answered

Here's a guide to getting married in Maui - Before you visit Maui from Just Maui Weddings™

Maui is undeniably one of the best places to get married. Not only is it set against an impossibly beautiful backdrop of soft and white sandy beaches, lush tropical gardens and mesmerizing ocean views, but also a very private and intimate setting, that makes wedding planning an absolute breeze.
To help you better understand what getting married in Maui is all about, here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about Maui weddings:

  • What kind of Maui wedding packages are on offer?
  • Your “big day” is probably the happiest, most precious and memorable moment of your life. You enter a brand new phase of life and make your love for your spouse known to the world. However, making preparations and planning for this big day can be stressful, cumbersome and even annoying, at times.
    Not to worry – our Maui wedding ceremony packages including stunning venues like Olowalu plantation house will take away all the stress, frustration and exhaustion associated with wedding planning. We’ll do everything possible to inject that “wow” factor into your fantasy-like Maui beach wedding. You won’t have a single worry on your hands, especially since our Olowalu plantation house, which is a part of the Maui wedding reception package, will take care of all the festivities from start to finish.  

    To date, we have made thousands of couples’ dream wedding come to life by seamlessly planning and executing their wedding on the breathtaking beaches of Maui, Hawaii. Nobody understands better than us that having the perfect wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience – who wouldn’t want to live it up by having it on a picturesque island full of sandy white beaches, palm trees and the most beautiful sunset ever?
    Our Maui beach all inclusive plans are designed to deliver an extravagant, yet budget-friendly experience through and through.   

    The wedding arrangements we make for you on gorgeous Maui beaches are not only unforgettable but also cater of all kinds of couples, including same-sex couples. In fact, our Maui gay wedding packages let your reaffirm your love for your spouse in unbelievably magical ways.

    We love making couples’ dreams a reality, especially those who prefer to think outside the box and bypass the traditional church wedding altogether. A variety of Hawaii wedding venues await, including the Olowalu plantation house – and they can all be yours at unbeatable prices – with none of the stress and worry that typically revolve around wedding planning.
    From getting a marriage license to professional photography and cinematography as well as catering – we collaborate with our third parties to ensure that each aspect is covered as per your expectations.

  • Get married in the Metaverse now?
  • No, you can't legally get married in the Metaverse ( maui metaverse weddings ) — at least not yet. Unlike physical weddings, those that take place online come without the limitations of physical restrictions. Guests can number the hundreds or thousands, gifts can come in the form of NFTs, and you can wear, or look like, whatever you want. The Metaverse will take these virtual weddings to new heights. But if you're looking to renew your vows virtually you definitely can.

  • What kind of experiences are offered at Just Maui Weddings™?
  • We offer a broad range of heart-warming and picturesque locales to choose from for your heaven-like Maui wedding. Have a look at our Maui wedding elopement packages or our Makena Cove Wedding Packages, for instance, to see if it’s something that appeals to your wedding ceremonial tastes. We also offer a complete variety of packages for two, allowing you to choose the perfect location and setting.
    Our Maui Weddings all inclusive packages specifically cater toward those who want to enjoy a wedding of any scale, while also catering to a variety of budgets. However, if you’re looking for wedding packages that are a little less extravagant, then we also offer cheap Hawaii wedding packages.

    At Just Maui Weddings, we offer a variety of bespoke wedding plans to cater to all your needs. Unlock the breathtaking beauty of Maui, take in the authentic Hawaiian gardens, stroll along the romantic sandy beaches, admire the glamorous gazebos and, of course, authentic Hawaiian cuisine that’s known the world over.  
    Visualize bright, lazy and care-free sun-drenched days and balmy tropical evenings which all harmoniously play their part, adding to your Maui wedding backdrop. All our packages tap into this Hawaiian charm and capture the unique warmth and character of Maui – a mesmerizing venue and haven for weddings that runs along the west and south Maui Beach coast.

    Leave it up to our wedding planner to make all the arrangements on your behalf. And whether you’re going for a simple ceremony with some of your closest friends and family, or choosing one of the larger venues where you can invite hundreds to join in – our wedding planner will take care of each aspect and see to it that you get the personal attention you require.

    Take a look at our full service Maui Hawaii wedding offerings and premium honeymoon spots, with the most immaculate reception and professional photography all included. Take a look at this maui wedding locations video to learn more about Maui wedding destinations.

  • Is there a limit on size for Maui beach weddings?
  • According to state laws, a maximum of 30 guests are allowed for Maui beach weddings. However, we can help you choose a unique wedding venue, if you require more than 30 guests.

  • I’m concerned about the rain in Maui – what will happen if it rains in the middle of my wedding?
  • Even though rain isn’t a common occurrence in Maui, there are certain areas that lie within the rain belt, where it can get quite damp and cloudy. However, spots like DT Fleming, Napili Beach, Ironwoods and Kapalua are fantastic for Maui weddings.
    Despite our best efforts, if we do get localized rain showers, we will move your wedding venue to a nearby beach where’s there’s nothing but sunshine. 

  • What should I tell my guests about the dress code?
  • Even though most weddings require formal attire, it’s probably best to ‘let loose’ a bit and ask your guests to wear “island elegant” attire: chic sundresses for women and long-sleeve shirts with no ties or jackets for men. Flip-flops pass just fine as acceptable footwear for Maui weddings because they are safe, comfortable and fun to wear.

  • What time of year is best for my Maui wedding?
  • The weather does not really affect what time of year you should married, although this can vary a little depending on the location you choose. However, the time of year can affect your wedding cost and guest list.
    For example, during the mid-September to late-November and February-May “off season” period, you will be spending less on your wedding and it will also be less expensive for the guests. Plus, if you choose to have your wedding around a time of year other than holidays or summer, it might be more difficult for your guests to arrive, especially if they have little ones coming along.  

  • Is hiring a Maui wedding planner a must?
  • Hiring a Maui wedding planner can make matters considerably easier and hassle-free. In fact, you can do away with most of the stressful and time-consuming activities associated with wedding planning.
    From up-to-date license information to finding the perfect Maui wedding location and a good minister, choosing a trusted Maui wedding planner can work in your best interest, not just from a financial standpoint, but also a mental and emotional one.

  • How do I get a Maui wedding marriage license on my own?
  • We can offer a list of locations where you can get your Hawaii wedding license, along with their working hours. It is recommended that you get your Maui wedding license without delays the moment you arrive. After you have acquired your license, you have a 30-window for getting married.

  • What are the best places for your wedding on Maui?
  • We offer a list of locations breathtakenly oceanfront views, soft white-sandy beaches, and lush tropical gardens for the most romantic destinations for a wedding. Take a moment to read up on them and let us know if we can start planning your event.




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