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See our all-inclusive Maui wedding packages in Hawaii

Check out these beautiful and affordable Maui all-inclusive wedding packages from Just Maui Weddings™ for the best beach wedding experience.

last minute wedding

1. Last Minute Beach Wedding ($875)

hibiscus wedding

2. Hibiscus Beach Wedding ($500)

plumeria wedding

3. Plumeria Beach Wedding ($775)

orchid wedding

4. Orchid Beach Wedding ($1695)

luxury wedding

5. Luxury Beach Wedding ($3445)

  • Deposit: 50%
  • All Pre-Wedding Arrangements
  • HD Cinematography Full Editing
  • Permit - $50+
  • Flower Leis
  • Photography
  • additional details...
maui wedding and reception package

6. Wedding & Reception ($12000)

  • Deposit: 50%
  • Site Fee - Included
  • Fine Dinning for 25 - Included
  • Permit - $50+
  • Flower Leis
  • Photography
  • additional details...
military wedding

7. Salute to Romance Beach Wedding ($725)

vow renew

8. Reaffirm / Anniversary ($675)

vow renew

9. Beach Reception Wedding ($1675)

a la carte

10. A La Carte

Maui Wedding Packages in Hawaii

For many a wedding in Maui is a dream but dreams can come true and we are on hand to make that happen! We offer a wide range of ceremonies to suit all tastes and needs, whether you decide at the last minute to get married in Maui or are looking for a Maui wedding on a tight budget with our great selection of offerings you’ll be sure to get your dream wedding.
Due to Covid-19 Permits on Maui mandates to keep groups to 10 people or less now therefore we provide a LIVE STREAM of your wedding to make your loved ones feel like they are right there with you ($150 cash fee not included).

How much does a wedding in Hawaii cost?

The average wedding in Hawaii in costs between $500 and $12000. There is a marriage ceremony for all budgets, our Hawaii destination weddings include photography, flower leis and a wedding specialist.

So What Wedding Packages Do You Offer?

That’s a very good question and you’ll be pleased to know that our wedding packages cater to a variety of circumstances and needs. In total we offer eight different wedding packages and a special package for anniversaries or vow renewals.

Our magnificent packages range from high luxury wedding packages for your wedding and reception to more simple packages suitable for smaller budgets. You’ll have a choice of ceremony with any of our services and can choose from a non-denominational, Hawaiian-style or religious Maui Wedding ceremony.

You’ll also have your choice of Maui beach weddings and we’ll even help you get your beach permit not matter which package you choose. Our more luxurious wedding offer extras like flowers, photography, filming, specialist keepsakes and much more.

While we’re sure you’ll love one of these or our special anniversaries /vow renewal we also understand that everyone wants to add their own touch to their special day. We’ll work with you every step of the way to make sure you get your wedding and we have our amazing A La Carte menu as well!

Introducing Our A La Carte Menu!

If you’ve ever been fine-dining you might be familiar with the A La Carte menu you can think of it as our extra special ninth offering. Basically our A La Carte menu works the same way it would in a restaurant, it offers a range of extras that are all available to be ordered separately. So if you want to add something that’s not included in your package you can.

For example while our Last Minute Wedding does offer many great features it doesn’t include a limousine, but you can get one from our A La Carte menu! So you don’t have to miss out on something if it’s not included. But that’s not all with our A La Carte menu you can customise your list in many ways.

You could add a dove or butterfly release for example or ensure all your guests have Leis, get a musician, Hula dancers, caters and much more. From flowers to professional make-up services in your hotel room and much more our A La Carte menu is the perfect way to personalize our wedding packages.

Our Magnificent Services

We offer a huge range of services for all kinds of situations. Whether you want an intimate ceremony with just a small group of friends and family, a luxurious ceremony with plenty of guests or something in between we have something for everyone. Let’s take a look at all the amazing and Maui Wedding services you can find on offer for maui wedding elopement packages.

Hibiscus Wedding

Our amazing Hibiscus Wedding offers you a choice of ceremony (non-denominational, Hawaiian-style, or religious), a choice of beach, pre wedding consultation services and optional beauty services. We’ll also help you get a beach permit and can provide you with expert assistance to obtain a marriage license. This great package is available for just $500 and perfect for any couple.

Last Minute Wedding

Last minute wedding plans are more common than you might think and you can still enjoy a wondrous Maui wedding with this marvelous Maui package. Our last minute package includes: choice of ceremony (non-denominational, Hawaiian-style, or religious), a choice of beach, a professional consultation, a wedding coordinator, 2 exotic leis, a photography package and much more. Who says a last minute wedding as to be rushed affair? With this great package you’ll have everything you could need at the very competitive price of just $875.

Plumeria Wedding

Our Plumeria Wedding package covers everything you could need to have the perfect Maui wedding ceremony! It includes a choice of ceremony, a choice of beach, a stress free consultation, 2 exotic leis, a professional photography package, a assistant will also be on hand to assist you and there’s much more on offer. This amazing offering is all available for $775.

Salute To Romance

For just $775 you can experience the amazing Salute to Romance Maui package! This package is perfect for couples on a tighter budget but still offers a great amount of features including: a choice of ceremony, a professional consultation, 2 exotic traditional leis, quality pressing for both the bride and groom’s outfits, a wedding assistant will also be on hand to help with any issues and there’s no beach permit! That just some of the great features you get with this marvelous package.

Orchid Wedding

Our outstanding Orchid wedding offers you everything you could need for a memorable ceremony that you’ll be sure to treasure! Like the stylish luxurious flower whose name it takes the Orchid wedding package offers you everything you could need and much more. You get a choice of ceremony, a stress-free coordination and consultation, 2 exotic leis, cinematography filmed entirely in HD, a wedding photography package and a Hawaiian band including a ukulele player, guitarist and vocalist. And much more so if you’re looking for a more luxurious package the outstanding Orchid Maui package is perfect for your special day and it’s priced at just $1695.

Luxury Wedding

Our luxury package is perfect for the bride and groom who want to go all out for their wedding! Priced at $3445 the luxury wedding package at Just Maui Weddings is the perfect choice for anyone’s who as ever dreamed of experiencing a magical Hawaii wedding. With this amazing Maui wedding package you’ll be sure to have a day you’ll remember for the rest of your life ea. your wedding day!

This wondrous package offers you: a stress-free coordination and consultation, a professional hair for the bride, a stunning and elegant bridal bouquet, rose petals for the bride’s entrance, a traditional bridal haku lei and 2 leis, a 3 hour limousine, a digital wedding photography package, a professional filming in full HD with a DVD copy and we’ll also supply a wedding cake, keepsake champagne flutes and we’ll be on hand to supply you with top of the line professional assistance at every step of your planning.

Wedding and Reception Service

Our wedding and reception services will provide you with everything you could need to enjoy a luxurious Maui wedding and a truly amazing reception as well! You can get everything you need in one marvelous Maui wedding package. With room for up to 25 guest in the reception and a assistant on hand to help you with everything from beginning to end this brilliant Maui wedding package is perfect for the couple who have always dreamed of experiencing a Hawaiian destination wedding.

To give you just an idea of what this amazing joint Maui wedding and reception package offers let’s take a closer look. It offers: a professional photography package, a full 2 hours, professional hair and beauty services, rose petals for the bride, flowers for both the bride and groom, a two-tier wedding cake, engraved champagne flutes as a keepsake and much more on your wedding day.

Vow Renewal / Anniversary

And don’t worry our excellent packages also cover people who are already married! After all why should people who are married miss out on an amazing Hawaiian wedding? The answer of course is they shouldn’t and that’s where our amazing anniversary / vow renewal package comes in.

With this great package, priced at just $645 you can enjoy a professional ceremony at your choice of beach, a professional photography package, a decorative certificate, a full HD cinematography, a Hawaiian band performance and much more. You’ll also get all the help you could need with your own wedding co-ordinator and a representative of ours.

There’s also various upgrade packages for many of our packages so you can always add a little extra to your package and if you want to add your own twist just let our professional coordinators and assistants know. We are here to make your destination wedding a reality!


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