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Wedding Videos


A Maui wedding video makes the ideal expansion to any of our Maui wedding packages. Videography is an extraordinary method to recollect your day and your vows to one another. It's likewise an incredible method to impart your big day to loved ones that couldn't join in.

Randy & Connie

Daniel & Shelby

Afonso & Shaili

Nate & Lia

Scott & Keelly

Robert & Tonya

Elaina & Britney





Maui Wedding Videos

In the past decade wedding video has evolved from "Uncle Joe" with his home movie camera into a highly advanced video production. The rapid pace of affordable video technology has catapulted wedding videography from a rare privilege to a modern day necessity. Professional videographers can now offer their customers many exciting options. Options such as video collages using your childhood, courtship, or honeymoon photos set to appropriate music; musical highlight videos; titling; and the list goes on and on with many new options just around the bend. The audio is recorded with high quality wireless lapel microphones. These small hidden microphones let you hear the special moments as clearly as you can see them.

Consumers who still feel wedding video is an unnecessary extra or have not even considered wedding video, please keep in mind, your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. It is a day when two individuals become partners for life. Hiring a professional gives you the privilege of sitting down year after year, to relive that commitment, exactly as it happened. Having a wedding video will also allow you to share with your own children the sights and sounds of this most important day. You may share with them relatives they may otherwise never meet. Wouldn't it be a shame, considering all the money invested not be able to accurately look back and remember all the time and effort it took to make your wedding day complete?

A modern day wedding takes months and months to plan, but when the day finally arrives, it goes by so quickly that your memory of the day may only be a blur. A professional video brings everything, from the lovely floral arrangements to your important vows, into focus. Wedding video lets all the precious memories and loving emotions touch your family's hearts FOREVER. Remember to keep the tissues close at hand.


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