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Maui Wedding Videos


The perfect addition to any of our Maui Wedding Packages is a Maui wedding video. Videography can be a wonderful way to remember your wedding day and to share your vows with one another. Videography is also a great way to share your big day with loved ones who can't be there.

Shayan & Marisa

Pascal & Kay

Cory & Tina

Brittney & Tyler

Antonio & Courtney

Daniel & Shelby

Afonso & Shaili

Nate & Lia

Scott & Keelly

Robert & Tonya

Elaina & Britney


Wedding video has changed from being "Uncle Joe" using his home camera to a sophisticated video production over the past ten years. Wedding videography has become a necessity thanks to the rapid development of affordable video technology. Many options are now available to professional videographers. You can create video collages with your courtship, childhood, or honeymoon photos, set to the appropriate music, and titling. There are many more options available. High-quality wireless lapel microphones record the audio. These microscopic microphones allow you to hear those special moments just as clearly as they are visible.

If you feel that the wedding video is unnecessary or not important enough, then please remember that your wedding day is the most important day of your life. It is the day that two people become partners for life. You have the opportunity to sit down with a professional year after year and relive that moment exactly as it was. A wedding video allows you to share the memories with your children. They may be able to share their memories with relatives they might not otherwise have the opportunity. It would be sad to not be able to look back on your wedding day and recall all the effort and money spent.

Modern-day weddings can take months or even years to plan. But when the day arrives, your memories may be blurred. Professional video captures everything from your beautiful floral arrangements to your special vows. Your family will cherish your wedding video. Keep the tissues handy.


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