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Preferred Maui Wedding Vendors

Online Since August 22, 1998

All You Need to Know about Weddings on Maui.


You are about to hear about a group of very special people. All of these vendors from Maui Hawaii have been hand-picked by Klaus and some of his senior Agents. We have used these vendors and have referred them to hundreds of customers with excellent results since 2010. We personally recommend each and every person on this list, however our recommendations are based on past history. If you have any problems or complaints about anyone we recomended, we would appreciate a detailed account of the problem. Upon hearing of your complaint we will contact the vendor in question. If the complaint cannot be resolved to everyone's satisfaction, we will remove that vendor from our list.

Just Maui Weddings™ does NOT receive compensation from third-party referrals for mentioning their services or products. We only mention these vendors because they have proven over time to be reliable and to provide the best service available on Maui only.

Need a trusted referral that does not rape your budget? Open your VENMO app and deposit $75 to:@justmauiweddings with a note that says (example): "Wedding Flowers" we will then reply with 1 or 2 florists. It's a s simple as 1-2-3. We reply ALMOST INSTANT typically within the hour HST.
Text us (TAP CHAT LINK BELOW) if we are running late or you need an answer ASAP.


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